Enhanced performance. Improved productivity. Increased profitability.

Welcome to your happier and more motivated workforce.

In the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, maintaining a productive and profitable workforce means reshaping the way you engage your team, empowering them, and making their happiness and wellbeing genuine priorities.

Address the things that matter today…
and re-energise your workforce


Backup & Support

Key drivers for today’s workers. Show your team you’re keen to help ensure they have strong support from their peers on both work and personal matters.



Possibly today’s biggest workplace concern. You WILL need to show your workers you’re doing as much as you can to support their mental health.


Work/Life Balance

Today, your workforce expect you to understand the obligations, as well as the importance, of their personal life outside of work, and to help them achieve proper balance.



Flexible hours. Flexible location. Flexible leave. In today’s smarter, more motivated workplace, getting the most from your team means showing your willingness to adapt.



Talent is in demand. In many ways, it’s a seller’s market. Show your workforce you understand they may wish to do more than one job, or prefer short term engagements.



If lockdown taught us anything it is that workers do not need watching over to perform. Signs of being trusted go a long way to enhancing productivity.


Help and experience

As a TMS client you get the full, hands-on benefit of our expertise in boosting team engagement and supercharging morale.

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Invite your workers to engage in TMS’s unique social media Consultant Community.

Give your workforce access to TMS’s social media Consultant Community - invaluable peer support on matters relating to both work and personal affairs.

Invite workforce

It’s tax efficient for everyone too

Who are TMS?

TMS Group is the UK’s leading workforce engagement consultancy. For 15 years, we have worked in partnership with employers to build happier, more fulfilled and more productive workforces, optimising efficiencies and giving further advantages to businesses and workers alike.


Making your performance rewarded workforce happier and more productive…

Using TMS’s unique engagement model (which is supported by a counsel-advised legal framework) is tax efficient for you, as well as financially advantageous for them. Our trusted model doesn’t impose changes or constraints on your team, in terms of how, when and where they carry out their responsibilities. This leaves you free to mutually agree modified working arrangements, which in turn will leave your staff happier and feeling part of the process.

For your workers, their new relationship with the company means more disposable income each month. Not surprisingly, this is enthusiastically embraced by those affected once it’s explained carefully and put in place.

We take on full responsibility for presenting the proposed transition to your team members, answering their questions and allaying their concerns. After that, we not only manage all aspects of the transition, but assume all responsibility for administration of the new arrangement, while leaving management of payments firmly under your control.

Enhanced performance.
Improved productivity.
Increased profitability.

Happier workers, feeling valued, supported and respected, are more productive and so yield greater profitability for your business. Get in touch today to discuss how TMS can help you reboot for today’s transformational way of working.